Solo 2 Vaporizer


Solo 2 Vaporizer

Sunday, July 9th, 2017

The Canadian vaporizer company Arizer has been at the forefront of fun and functional vaporizers since they jumped into the market, with a variety of desktop and portable vaporizers they showed the world that they meant business. The Arizer Solo was an instant favorite, appealing to vapers from all walks of life; the minimal learning curve brought in new vapers while the high quality of the device appealed to more seasoned sessioners. The Solo 2 has been long awaited, and now it’s finally here people can’t wait to get their hands on it! The question is, if you own a Solo should you upgrade? What makes the Solo 2 the best vaporizer from Arizer? What’s new?

Heating up

The Solo 2 brings a brand new interior to the table, and it’s a good one at that! The oven chamber can heat up as high as 430 degrees Fahrenheit, starting at 120. This can be changed digitally with precision, meaning if you’re looking for a specific temperature for releasing various cannabinoids you’re in luck here. With only 30 seconds til full heat, this is one of the faster vaporizers on the market with some taking as long as 3 minutes. The last thing you want is to have to wait to start your session for your device to heat up!

Charge Ahead

One of the few complaints about the original Solo was the battery power, an issue immediately rectified by this newer release! The new vaporizer from Arizer brings a battery that lasts much longer, as far as 3 hours of continuous use which is massive. They have moved the charging portal from underneath the device to the back, meaning that as well as being able to be used while plugged in you can now charge your vape standing upright. Once the vaporizer has been plugged in for around 5 minutes it is ready to go again, charging cable and all!

Slim and Sleek

The Solo 2 comes with a refreshed and updated look, moving away from the clunkier design of its predecessor in favor of a slimmer, more travel-friendly shape. The new modern look is super attractive, fitting in easily alongside the big players like the Pax 3, DaVinci IQ, and the Firefly 2. Like with mobile phones, futuristic and sleek appearances are preferred to the bigger and bulkier pieces of tech in the past. A smaller design means it’s easy to pop into your pocket and carry around with you! Bring it to parties to show to friends, or to festivals where glass pieces would be dangerous. There is nothing like enjoying a quick hit while out adventuring in the outdoors!

Upgrade worthy?

Not only are there many benefits to the new device, there are also notable and visible improvements. The battery is long-lasting, to the extent where it is one of the longer lasting devices on the market, but it’s also 50% longer than the original. 30 seconds heat up is very impressive, and also happens to be x4 faster than the Solo. The Solo 2 took any and all complaints about the Solo and worked on them, and it’s very apparent. Any company putting that much effort to fix the issues raised by its consumers has definitely worked its hardest to make sure the entire vaporizer is the best it can possibly be! Putting the customer first is really great to see from such a big company, and Arizer has set an industry standard for listening to their fanbase now. Hopefully, this inspires other companies to listen as closely as they have, and we will see such great improvements as with the Solo 2 in other devices!


Published at Sun, 09 Jul 2017 05:29:51 +0000