Why You NEED To Start Vaping Cannabis Oil


Why You NEED To Start Vaping Cannabis Oil

Thursday, January 5th, 2017


Vaping cannabis oil?

The popularity of the vaporiser is rising, due to people being more health-conscience. More so, the newest discoveries in terms of the effects of medical marijuana and the herb being legalized in more and more American states and all over the world led to the increase of cannabis consumption. If you are smoking dry herb or cannabis oil, you definitely should think of how to protect your lungs with smoking alternatives.

Smoking regular cigarettes or using a bong or a pipe does tremendous damage to your lungs through the inhalation of the burning residues. Using a vaporiser heats up the solid herb and transports it to your lungs through vapors – there won’t be any burning residue you will get into your body any more. The other special feature of using a vaporiser is that you can actually control the intake of the active substances by regulating the heat that the vaporiser produces.

Why should you switch to vaping cannabis oil?

Cannabis oil is one of the less popular methods of consuming the herb and it represents the THC extracted from the plant by using solvents or high-pressure gas. The final product can vary in colour, texture and strength, depending on the quality of the plant and the extraction process.

Why should you choose vaping cannabis oil over smoking the traditional blunt or tobacco laced joint? Mainly, you will get rid of all the byproducts of regular smoking – tar, nicotine, free radicals and many nasty substances that go straight to your lungs. Vaping does not burn the substance; instead it heats it up at a high temperature and gets it in your lungs in the form of vapor, not smoke.

The other advantage of using oil instead of dry herb is that it will have a much stronger effect with only a fraction of the used quantity. Naturally, since the oil itself is already an extract. Combining it with the process of vaporisation gives you a pure, strong high that also lets you enjoy the strong flavor of the cannabis. While the benefits of the oil apply to everybody, I would recommend this type of intake to experienced cannabis users, as it may be quite strong for a beginner.


Caring for your vaporiser

Getting into technicalities, it is also important to develop a good cleaning routine for your vaporiser and pipes, as cannabis oil can be sticky and viscous and clog your device. You will find out that solvents do the job really well and regularly cleaning your vaporiser keeps the quality high each time. Residues of oil can block the air from circulating into the pipes and give you the impression that the stuff is not working. For cleaning you can use cheap, available isopropanol.

Besides giving you a strong high, cannabis oil has been proven to fight off cancer. With its increasing legal status, there are more and more studies about its cancer fighting properties being conducted and so far a lot of benefits have been demonstrated.

Not all vaporisers on the market are designed for cannabis oil use, so make sure to read the reviews before purchasing one. Usually, a vaporiser that can be used with the oil has foam pads or similar features that ease the use. Given its liquid state, the cannabis oil can be used with most vaping pens that are meant for nicotine oils and waxes. Then again, it’s best to do some research and find out what other cannabis oil users have chosen and tested.


Another piece of advice after the basic technicalities: take it easy. As mentioned before, cannabis oil has a significantly greater concentration of THC compared to the dry herb and you might want to enjoy the high and not go all the way too fast. It will definitely be healthier than the traditional methods and you get the most out of it.

Should you give up smoking completely and go e-liquid? Well then, the best thing that you can do is to try vaping. It’s a lot healthier and the perks are similar to those of traditional smoking. However, you’ll be able to breathe better, feel better, and protect your general wellbeing as well as those around you.

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